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We help women

0 61 06 – 13 36 0

If you are threatened by your husband or partner, you will find protection and shelter in the “women’s refuge”. Here you can come to peace, find your bearings and make decisions for your future. Our social workers will support you in this.

Here you will live in a furnished room and provide for yourself. If you have no income of your own, you will receive financial support from the state.

Also your children are in urgent need to be protected and helped, if they have experienced or seen violence. Our individual or group offers help your children to find security again. Mothers will receive all the support and assistance for upcoming questions or concerns.

If you want to come to us, call us – our women’s shelter is accessible day and night! In case of emergency, the police can also help you by calling 110.

Please, if possible, bring the following documents with you

  • identity card/passport
  • residence permit/work permit
  • health insurance card
  • savings book/account card
  • lease agreement
  • birth certificates of the children
  • marriage certificate
  • income statement/income support notifications
  • favourite toys/things for school for the children
  • clothes for yourself and the children
  • important medicine (if necessary)